Chiller Training

North Pole training programs are tailored to improve the skill level of a facility’s in-house maintenance, operations and engineering personnel. North Pole training provides your staff with increased confidence, skill level and productivity.

There is also a noticed improvement in equipment maintenance, enhanced safety and production quality. The immediate benefit of better trained technicians leads to the lasting benefit of more efficient operations and improved reliability.

Training services available throughout the U.S. & internationally.

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Benefits of North Pole Training Courses

  • Increased technician confidence, skill level, and productivity
  • Improved operating and troubleshooting performance
  • Improved equipment maintenance
  • Enhanced safety and production quality

Commercial & Industrial Chiller Training Class

Class Length: 3.5 Days
Cost: $895.00

One of the challenging issues facing the large tonnage HVAC&R industry is a lack of personnel entering the field. Salaries are climbing and there is a demand for competent, knowledgeable technicians. Take this opportunity to enhance your career, increase your value to your employer, and save your employer money by running an efficient and reliable system.

Understanding the operation of chillers increases efficiency and reliability!

— Shelley Nettles, Mechanical Engineer, Georgia Gulf (Plaquemine, LA)

This course covers the following:

  • Basic Refrigeration Theory
  • Comfort Cooling Systems
  • Preventative Maintenance Procedures
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

Upon completion, students will receive a training certificate indicating that the student has learned to: 

  • Understand physical laws of thermodynamics
  • Understand building climate control systems
  • Maintain chiller systems on a continual basis
  • Use advanced troubleshooting techniques